Semalt Expert – How To Deal With WordPress Comment Spam?

Comment the spam, also known as spamming, is characterized by the existence of bots and useless words on a WordPress site. The use of comment spam is done to create backlinks, and it is one of the widely used black hat SEO techniques. Hackers and spammers spread spam comments on the internet to improve the ranking of their website and develop anchor texts for financial gains.

However, Igor Gamanenko, a leading specialist of Semalt, defines here the ways for bloggers and webmasters to combat the comment spam. Plugins like Akismet, Referrer Bouncer and Challenge are useful and helpful to block all types of spam comments.

1. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk:

The best part is that this plugin is free to use, has no captcha, and ensures spam-free comments and registration forms. However, the premium version of this plugin has extraordinary features, and it prevents spambot signup, pingbacks, and trackbacks easily. This plugin works exactly like Akismet and filters all the incoming comments, uploading most of the spam comments to its cloud server where they are kept for a couple of days before getting deleted. The premium version offers 15 days free trial so that you can get familiar with all of its features, and the price is up to $10 per year.

2. WangGuard:

It is another premium WordPress plugin you may try. WangGuard is basically the cloud storage anti-spam plugin with tons of marvelous features and a spam validator. It also works like Akismet and helps block the suspicious IP addresses instantly. The free version of this plugin has limited features, and you can only block and check up to five thousand comments. However, the premium version has various add-ons such as Blacklisted Words, MailPoet Connector and others. You would have to pay around $15 per year to access its premium version, which is easy to install and gets activated in no time.

3. Anti-Spam Bee:

It is yet another premium WordPress plugin that could remove the spam comments from your blog or website. Anti-Spam Bee is great for both private and commercial purposes. Unlike Akismet, this plugin does not need any type of registration and doesn't use the cloud-powered spam detection algorithm to get your works done. Some of its features are validation of the IP address, regular expression, blocking the spammer IPs with Gravatar and others.

4. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam:

It is a famous plugin that is available both in free and paid versions. It makes use of a double-layered protection service and defends your WordPress website and blog from spam comments. The primary layer consists of the mixture of JavaScripts and the web cookies which can block various spam bots automatically. Its secondary layer manages to eliminate the bots that managed to evade Akismet and have been irritating you for a long time.

5. WordPress Zero Spam:

This plugin is also available in both free and paid versions and is developed by David Walsh. It plays a significant role in removing spam comments from your website and can be integrated with both private and business websites. It also works well with other plugins such as Ninja Forms, BuddyPress and Gravity Forms.

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